Ananda Sushupti

Ananda Sushupti

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36 dumortierite natural gemstone beads, fresh water pearl spacer accents, amethyst nugget accent medallion

simply recite your favorite mantra, affirmation, or intention in 3 complete rounds to complete a full 108 chant round in meditation

Dumortierite instils a positive attitude to life and encourage optimism in thought and life in general. It is also said to increase self confidence and assertiveness. It is a highly spiritual stone and believed to facilitate communication with your spirit guides/angels. It may boost your telepathic abilities, meaning it may amplify your capacity to hear the thoughts of others. This is a stone that is excellent to stimulate the brain and the mind on many levels, so is an extraordinarily useful stone to use.


  • Protects you against negative energies
  • Blocks electromagnetic stresses
  • Enhances motivation
  • Relieves energetic causes of insomnia
  • Enhance memory
  • Promotes positive dreams and aids in their interpretation
  • Assists with emotional balance
  • Aids in receiving and interpreting Divine guidance
  • Helps you become open to your intuition and psychic abilities


  • “I appreciate myself and welcome positive thoughts and feelings into my being.”
  • “I am a great person and I deserve to feel great.”
  • “I am secure in myself. I do not compare myself to others.”
  • “I am a healthy, happy, positive person.”
  • “I am sending love and happiness to myself.”
  • “I embrace my positive qualities and value myself highly.”
Ananda Sushupti