About Us

April “Love” Stolf is the designer and founder of NAMASTE COUTURE. It was shortly after she survived from being immobilized by a drunk driver while on her bicycle to teach her first yoga class in 2011 that NAMASTE COUTURE was born. She believes her dedicated practice to Yoga and her other profession as an NLP Mindfulness Coach both strongly supported her journey through survival, surgery, healing, and recovery; including the evolution of her brand. 

Meditation became a catalyst for the evolution of NAMASTE COUTURE. April began chanting mantras and affirmations into each and every handmade one-of-a-kind gemstone necklaces she designed. Each mala contains 108 natural healing gemstones with a signature feather tassel. Inspired by the traditional Tibetan prayer bead mala, over time she introduced the 1/2 mala designed for meditation practitioners to chant twice around, shorter 1/3 Mala statement pieces that gently kiss the collar bones for 3 rounds of chanting, and elegant earrings designed with a fraction of 108 gemstones to anchor intentions & encourage each of us to remain present during times of stress, adversity, and change. 

The NAMASTE COUTURE brand is designed to encourage self & soulful awareness that reconnects us to our divine purpose and passion. Please enjoy every piece with sacred care and love while following and liking our page on Facebook and Instagram. 

Much love,



April “Love” Stolf