Shakti Zobhana

Shakti Zobhana

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36 Yellow Green Turquoise, citrine spacers, fresh water pearl accents, citrine pendant and gold pewter signature tassel

16.5 inches


one of kind

1/3 of a traditional 108 mala, this Shakti mala can be used to anchor intentions, affirmations, and be used as a meditation piece by simply chanting in 3 rounds to complete an entire 108 cycle.

Yellow Green Turquoise is said to be helpful for enhancing communication, intuition, and creativity . It is also used as a protection stone, that brings an increase of personal power and energy by protecting the same. It brings positive energy and sensitivity.

Citrine increases creativity. Protects you from negative energies. Activates your intuition. Helps you to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Encourages sharing.