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Namaste Couture

Narahimsa Manipura Set

Narahimsa Manipura Set

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Golden Botswana agate, fresh water pearls, & gold filled diamond cut accents with custom selected vermeil charms.


  1. I am strong, powerful, and competent.
  2. I achieve everything I set out to with ease and peace.
  3. My body is strong and full of positive energy.
  4. I am capable of achieving great feats.
  5. It is easy for me to make powerful decisions.
  6. My sense of self-worth is balanced and clear.
  7. I am enough.
  8. I am motivated and successful.


Care Instructions

Mindful care:

1. Roll them on and off. Don’t stretch to put on or take off.

2. Best to remove before sleep.

3. Remove when washing dishes, bathing, swimming, etc.

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