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Namaste Couture

Bhakti Mala of New Beginnings

Bhakti Mala of New Beginnings

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Our Bhakti Mala of New Beginnings is 54 Moonstone gemstones, fresh water pearls, agate pendant and signature feather tassel. Designed as an elegant dream catcher to tap fully into your dreams.

Moonstone: Stone of New Beginnings. The stone of iner growth and strength.

Affirmation: I acknowledge where I am in my life. I am open to divine guidance and the love that you are willing to share with me. I am open to my highest potential of self-growth and i ask you to shar this journey with me. I surrender to accept and part with what no longer serves me, I am a continual being of light and love.


Care Instructions

Mindful care:

1. Roll them on and off. Don’t stretch to put on or take off.

2. Best to remove before sleep.

3. Remove when washing dishes, bathing, swimming, etc.

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