ALIGN Jasper Wristlet

ALIGN Jasper Wristlet

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Black onyx gemstones highlight a single jasper gemstone with our signature logo charm.

Our unisex Root chakra bracelet activates, balances and aligns the Root chakra.


  1. I am completely safe where I am right now

  2. Today I take action to reach my goals

  3. I have sources of security in my life

  4. Today I focus on all sources of abundance

  5. I have every resource I need to begin right now

  6. My needs are always met in surprising ways

  7. I am supported by a Universe that loves me

  8. I can relax knowing I have a vibrant life

  9. Where I am right now is a perfect place to be

  10. I am a determined person who can accomplish many things

  11. Today I exhibit courage in multiple ways

  12. I have passion in my heart

  13. I have plenty of physical energy today

  14. I always know when it is the best time to act

  15. I am initiating positive change in my life

  16. I have the ability to overcome any obstacles

  17. Today I focus on my core physical needs

  18. I give my time to actions that produce positive change

  19. Today my survival matters to me