Shakti Kali

Shakti Kali

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36 yellow green turquoise beads, blue chalcedony spacers, fresh water pearl accents, lapis lazuli ball pendant and signature silver pewter feather tassel

1/3 of a traditional 108 mala, this Shakti mala can be used to anchor intentions, affirmations, and be used as a meditation piece by simply chanting in 3 rounds to complete an entire 108 cycle.

Yellow Green Turquoise is said to be helpful for enhancing communication, intuition, and creativity . It is also used as a protection stone, that brings an increase of personal power and energy by protecting the same. It brings positive energy and sensitivity.

Lapis lazuli is believed to balance energy within the body. Its most important metaphysical property is that it balances the throat, crown, and brow chakras. It is a highly spiritual stone, and aids clarity and depth to your thoughts. It is believed to enlighten your internal and external power,