Ritual Shower Meditation

Ritual Shower Meditation

Illustration By: Anton Dymtchenko 

Daily Ritual Shower meditation

Illustration By: Anton Dymtchenko


Allow yourself TIME

*** Remember, the lavatory is a sacred space where you have as much needed time to yourself as you choose


Create an intimate setting for yourself

Light a candle

Turn off the lights

Begin to Prepare an Epsom

Bath for yourself (if you don’t have salts, don’t worry)

Turn on the water and temperature to your liking

Get Present: tune into the sound of the running water, breathe

Slowly remove your clothes; feel the sensations of becoming naked, releasing identities of your occupation, being a parent, being a sibling,... come back to yourself

If there is a mirror in your bathroom step one foot at a time toward your self as you begin to face the mirror

observe your reflection

Look into your eyes


Explore every unique feature that has been designed for you and is you

Look deep without critic or judgement

Breathe in through your nose

As you embrace the cool sensation of your breath

Release a slow exhale of loving kindness for this gift of being you

Breathe in gratitude

Exhale love

As you look into your eyes link contact

Introduce yourself

Compassionately apologize for all of the negative self-talk either verbally or internally. With a promise and commitment genuinely forgive yourself.

Begin to fall in love

Realize you are the only person to love and die with you for the rest of your life

Ask yourself How would you like to proceed from this moment forward?

Perhaps as you begin to move forward in life with your reflection, your soul, your self, your spirit, YOU

MAYBE a moment of Trust, vow, or promise is designed.

LISTEN. Answers may come to you for this new direction and commitment

Your own personal sacred contract of how, where, what you will create and evolve into may be written or stated.

As you begin to proceed with this promise to yourself of absolute connection to follow through In life with passion, integrity, confidence, and grace from this moment forward.

Tune in to the breath, sounds, sensations of the environment and your body

Step into the shower to cleanse what is now past and let go of all evil, doubts, and self-judgement.

Accept the touch of the showering water to cleanse your body from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes and the tip of your toes to the top of your head

Removing all things that do not serve you

Notice all unwanted beliefs, discomforts, stories, to drip away into the drain as you gently wash brush your limbs

Close your eyes

Let go of everything that has ever held you back from living the life you have always thought of, dreamed, or imagined

Imagine every sweep of your hand on your body to eliminate all stress, doubt, negativity, anger, disbelief, and insecurity you may have ever been told or ever thought about yourself and watch everything to be released from your mind and being as it trickles down the tub floor to be sucked into the drain

Feel the comfort of the droplets of water to cleanse every part of your existence

Notice the sparkle and clarity of droplet to impact your every pore with strength, confidence, power, focus, determination, acceptance of your being, fearlessness, and permission to live fully into your absolute greatness of who you are and breathe

Embrace the freedom of your being as you notice the weights to have been removed from your body


Inhale the white light of your unstoppable spirit and all of the Gifts you have been blessed with

Reflect on every talent, lesson, advice, and experience with gratitude and forgive yourself and everyone from blame. Embrace the life you have lived with appreciation.

Embrace the life you will create as you more forward.

Feel the subtle vibration of your heart to beat with unconditional love. Brightening inside this vessel you have been provided to share all of your heartfelt gifts with others.

Ignite this flame of your soul and Acknowledge your ability to inspire others to excellence in their greatness with enthusiasm and determination to support the evolving existence of humanity.

Love yourself.

All of yourself.

Time is on your side. There is no need to rush. This is your time.

From this moment on you are cleansed from any self-doubt, criticism, disbelief.

Accept and embrace that you are absolutely perfect as you are.

Love comes to you easily. Love for your body, love for your mind, love for your heart. You are worthy of attracting the love of your life as you begin from this moment to love yourself more and more each day. You are abundant with joy, motivation, and willingness to be open to observe and receive the beauty of anyone who comes into your space personally and professionally without judgment.

From now on, any thought or action is aligned with your desires.

When you have fully received the messages of light that have come through during this cleansing,

Express gratitude to all messages

Turn off the water

One breath at a time,

Remove yourself from the shower as you step one foot at a time into your new day


In love, light, and health,

April Stolf

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